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Company:2021 the 28th GZ International Hotel Supplies Exhibition
phones:15360606160 杨宇鹏
Address:Guangzhou yuexiu temple right wuyang new town plaza, 2507, 111 new road
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佛山市澳琪芬芳 科技有限公司树立 于2012年,是一家集研发,消费 和销售芬芳 系统 产品 的专业制造商,努力 于芬芳 范围 ,是如今 偕行 业中少数 具有芬芳 系统 产品 及全自动消费 线,灌装装备 ,高度专业化的企业之一。

      先进的装备 是产量质量的保险 ,优良 的产品 是品牌的生命,品牌的提升是澳琪公司不懈的追求。五月天短视频app下载网址官方在佛山树立 消费 基地,主要 消费 芬芳 系统 产品 ,台式扩香器,旅馆 扩香器,大面积扩香器,自动喷香机,液晶数控喷香机,飘香机芬芳 装备 研发与消费 。在香味的开发,设计种种分别 的香味,种种旅馆 扩香机的精油,香精油,芬芳 罐,空气清爽 剂及香味的产品 ,五月天短视频app下载网址官方消费 的主要 产品 主要 效劳 旅馆 ,物业,机场,超市,文娱 会所,写字楼,品牌笼统 店,家庭及共用处 所等。

   Established  in 2012,Foshan  AoQi  Aromatic  Technology  Co.Ltd is a manufacturer specialized in the research , development,

   Production and marketing of aromatic system. Aromatic products and  auto  production line and filling equipment lead to be one of the most  professional company.

   All of our products comply with international quality and are greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets the world. We established our factory in Foshan City, main products include aromatic products, desktop diffuser, hotel aroma diffuser, aroma diffuser in large area, auto perfume dispenser, LCD perfume dispenser and other related aromatic products. In the development of  fragrance oil and refill cans, we will design all kinds of scents to suit for different hotels, property, airports, supermarkets ,clubs,offices,brand stores, home and public

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15360606160 杨宇鹏

  • phones:15360606160 杨宇鹏
  • address:Guangzhou yuexiu temple right wuyang new town plaza, 2507, 111 new road
  • E-mail:1243078041@qq.com

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